Road Recovery


  ROAD RECOVERY is an entertainment industry-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by empowering at-risk youth from all to
face their struggles, while teaching them comprehensive life skills.
See Skype conversation with Guitarist Slash and John
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Down Bottom Bike Crew


  The Down Bottom Bike Crew is a mentor-ship program involving participants ( youth aged 8-17), as well as facilitators from Ironbound Community Corporation and volunteers/ bike enthusiasts whom reside in Newark or are friends of the neighborhood. Participants come together to learn about bike mechanics, repairs, and bike safety. Bike Crew participates in bike-a-thons as well as ride-along in and around our City of Newark. The Crew has also been involved in the push for the preservation of public housing in Newark since most members reside there.  Visit their Facebook!

Cosmic Mountain Bike Club


Rides are intermediate level, weekly (usually on Sunday) all year long. You can add yourself to our email list and will get an email on Friday with location and meet time. Our ride leader Bill C. is sure to please. You'll never get lost, never be left behind and if you'll never have anything to prove with us...

Indoor Virtual Training

Bkool virtual training cosmic wheel

Come and join us on a virtual adventure.

In store we have BKool Virtual trainers.