“Went there the other day to have my single speed fixed. These guys were super helpful, explained why it happened and recommended upgrades to prevent it. I have Already recommended the place to a friend and he’s heading there now. Sometimes you have to be patient if they get a bunch of customers at once because they make sure every customer is taken care of fully but it is worth the wait my kinda bike shop. Highly recommended.

“I have bought a number of bikes through them both off the rack and custom built. They also helped me when I started out with a mail order bike getting it running smoothly and putting way more miles than it should have provided. John, Craig, and co are why you need a local bike shop in your life. All the guys in the shop are friendly, knowledgeable and will spend the time necessary to get you what you need (or want).”
“Love this place! The guys are great and extremely helpful. I got my Cannondale here back in 2011 and have been on the road ever since. These guys have helped me through everything when it comes to my bike. From flat tires, race anxiety, transitioning to clipping in (still an ongoing learning experience lol) and discussions on how to make my bike faster; they are always there. Every time I go to The Cosmic Wheel I feel welcomed. These guys are honest, work hard and go well above and beyond in terms of customer service. Truly a one of a kind place.”
“Been a customer for a couple of years now and I’ve visited plenty of other stores with friends and team members but cosmic wheels is home. Great service, amazing people and a no pressure atmosphere. Anything you need walk in and ask, they will help you get what you need not what they would like to sell you. John, Craig and the whole team have your back. ”
“These guys know their stuff and don’t just try to sell products. They educate you and even forego a sale to do the right thing.”

“- Just took my bike back to the shop to have Craig add Campy EPS and Carbon Rims to my Synapse HI-MOD. To say the install was complex is an understatement — that being said Craig really took his time and made sure each and every piece was done absolutely right — the level of concern and professionalism shown for my install was unreal — I heard that when he was in the middle of install the Cannondale rep stopped by and was completely blown away by our little project!  Needless to say — bike rides like a dream and i could not be happier — Kudos to Craig and the team on another job well done you guys are the best — I am a customer for life!  If life is a Journey — make sure John and his crew are there to guide and assist you.   When you first enter TCW — you may think that you are entering another random bike store where the people behind the counter ask the same typical question(s) — and offer the same typical advice   Take a moment to take in your surroundings — listen to the people around you and you will quickly realize that you are not in just any bike store and that the employees who are greeting you are not just typical repair mechanics — realize that you have entered into a zen like place — a place where the questions being asked, advice being dispensed and items being sold are much much deeper than what they superficially appear to be —   when approached by the zen master — realize that what he really wants to know is — what do you want from your life — how do you want your bike to be an extension of your inner being — how can I help you achieve your goals — are you ready to MOVE  if you are honest with the zen master — he will not only fit you with a bike you will love to ride — he will make sure that it is an extension of your inner soul —   and what will he charge for this service — for transmitting this sagely advice — you will be floored when you finally receive his final bill — is that all you will say — but how is that possible — to which he will respond with kind eyes and a gentle smile — but of course my grasshopper — enjoy the ride — enjoy life and do not worry— i can assure you the charges are all correct —   While the logo for TCW maybe an alien — the message is clear — if you want to find out of this world service and advice — you don’t need a space ship — just ride over to TCW — i assure you you will not be disappointed ” 


We only work with the best products available and provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor. We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that both accommodates their lives and meets our Quality standards. We strive for honest customer service, so we promise finished work is to your complete satisfaction.



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