John Russo

Starship Captain of the S.S. Cosmic Wheel

45 years experience
Alien Ambassador to Earth for the Betterment of Cycling and Mankind.
1980-1984 East Coast Shimano BMX Team Manager.
Sponsor for many Bmx, Road , MTB anfd Dh teams.
Coach for hall of Famer Kathy Schachel

Lover of Humankind and all things Bicycle with the
Undying Mindset that "Everyone Matters"

There is a positive energy in the universe that keeps things together. The man you see here, is that energy. From the day to day moments, to the biggest challenges, this man always rises to the occasion. 

This man has sent more competitors to Ironman than he has hairs in that mustache... 

Craig Willis

First Officer (XO)

Alien-Human Hybrid
35 years experience 

Right hand man

Bicycle dream interpreter  


Custom Wheel Builder
Teams coordinator

Digital Responsibilities

Shimano Di2/Steps
Campagnolo EPS

Special projects

Chris Schmidt

Science Officer

2007 NJIT Bachelors, Electrical Engineering
2015 UBI Graduate
Lifetime Bike Guy


Reverse Engineering of Alien Tech
(AKA 3rd World E-Bikes)
Bicycle Dr.
Man With 2 Hands


Bike Packer
Endurance Athlete

Adventures in action


Anyone with just one name, is a Rockstar

8 Years experience
Friendly woodland creature
Enjoys good food
Prefers good beer
Happiest in the wild
Mountain bike guru
Snowboard/Ski instructor


Repair Concierge
Left hand man
Bicycle fitter
POS management

Liam Gordon

Cameo Expert

20+ years experience
One of the best mechanics to ever come out of The Cosmic Wheel.
When a hand is needed, his love for Cosmic
comes at no cost.

Suspension Guru

At a point in history Liam was single handedly Cannondales rebuild center. If it's Headshock or Lefty, we can solve anything if the parts exist...

All Grown Apprentice

Liam, like Craig was born into bikes.

They both raced for the Cosmic BMX 

team and went on to become managers.   

Bill Cubellis

Mountain Bike Ride Leader

Bill leads the ride I like to call "Nothing left to prove"
It's a weekly outing to one of the many great trail systems we have within an hour of us. 


Dirt camp Graduate
Member, volunteer and trained by NY/NJ trail conference.
First aid and CPR certified.

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